Self-consumption pays off

Sinking photovoltaic component prices combined with steadily rising energy costs are making self-consumption a key factor for the economic feasibility of a photovoltaic system. It is becoming more and more important for customers to be able to use as much of their own self-generated solar energy as possible.


With solar energy generated by a photovoltaic system, you can become your own electric company. The use of self-generated solar energy not only makes you less dependent on commercial energy suppliers, but also helps reduce our reliance on conventionally produced energy from fossil fuels or nuclear power.

Savings Potential

By using solar energy that you have generated yourself, you can reduce the amount of electricity that you need to "buy" from the public grid. This helps reduce your electricity bill on a regular basis. Plus, you'll save even more money every time the electric companies raise their prices because you can always use the electricity you have generated yourself for free.

Security for the Future

With high-performance solar modules anyone can generate and use electricity safely and with long-term security. As a well-established company with a successful history stretching back over more than 12 years, Asunim is a truly reliable business partner. Plus, having your own photovoltaic system reduces your household's and/or business's CO2 balance and contributes to the move toward environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative energy sources that can help secure a better environment for us all.

Increased Cost Savings Effect

Intelligent storage solutions designed for time-delayed power consumption are becoming more and more important as they enable the most efficient internal use of self-generated solar energy. Self-collected solar energy can thus be used even when the sun is not shining. This increases the percentage of self-generated energy that you can use yourself and only the energy that you do not need may be then fed into the public grid a price set by either a current feed-in tariff scheme or a simple netmetering scheme.

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