Optimized Self-Consumption

Self-consumption quotas can be increased by implementing simple optimization measures.

Either by changing user behavior (manual optimization):
- Scheduling the use of household appliances, such as the washing machine, drier and dishwasher, or business equipment such as air conditioners, at times when the sun produces the most energy.

Or, with specially designed technical solutions:
- Intelligent household appliance and business equipment controls;
- Appliances with time delay functions;
- Appliances and equipments which store energy themselves for automatic use at a later time. This technology should be possible in the future with new types of batteries (electricity storage) and materials (storage of heat /cold).

The basis for all data, calculations and models given is the system described below (as of January 2012). A simple roof-top system with 5 kWp, statistical annual energy output of 4 500 kWh, 4-person household, statistical annual energy consumption of 3 500 kWh, statistical self-consumption rate 35%, without taking into account discounts and taxes.

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