Natural Self-consumption

Every household or business uses energy on a daily basis. The amount of electricity used varies over the course of the day, from season to season and, of course, when the weather changes. At the same time, the energy supplied by photovoltaic systems also fluctuates over the course of a day, at different times of year and depending on the weather conditions.

Self-consumption is calculated as the ratio of directly consumed energy to generated energy. Natural self-consumption is a statistical value. It indicates the proportion of solar power generated by a photovoltaic system with a specific output that a household or business of a certain size can use without conscious changes in behavior or the use of technical components.


The natural self-consumption rate is usually about 20 % for a one person household and about 40 % for a five person household and a 5 kWp system. Businesses can get rates ranging from 30% to 70%

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