There are no upfront costs for switching to solar..





Save up to 25% with predictable energy bills.





We take full responsibility of the system so you don’t have to. We install, insure and maintain the system.





By switching to solar, you make the planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.


Get cleaner energy for your fast-food outlet, fuel station or business without paying for solar panels and other components upfront.

Asunim Solar South Africa as an EPC company has chosen SolarAfrica as a trusted finance partner.

SolarAfrica owns and maintains the system while your monthly payment is based on an agreed kWh price (lower that your current electricity tariff) charged based on the amount of energy produced by the PV System we install.

With less use of traditional energy, you end up saving with zero CAPEX required.




What they do

SolarAfrica believes there’s a much smarter way to power our planet, today. They shake up the renewable energy space by offering affordable clean energy solutions for our customers.

By providing a solar energy alternative to existing grid energy, they make switching to a clean energy solution easy, with monthly savings.

Founded in 2011, their solar solutions are tailored for small businesses and residential energy users in Southern Africa and large commercial & industrial sites in Africa. We fund and own the solar system to provide you with cheaper energy – no capital spend required


Can I cancel my electricity connection once solar has been installed?

Not yet. The solar system will only provide ± 25% of your outlet’s electricity.

Will solar work 24/7?

No because solar needs sunshine to generate electricity. You will still require the grid for electricity outside of sun hours. See our load profile.

Will this solar system take me ‘off-grid’?

This is a grid-tied solar system without batteries therefore, if the grid is down (i.e. load-shedding) our solar system will not be available either. Once batteries are viable against your cost of grid electricity (likely, in the next few years) we will retro-fit batteries at your premises.

What if new technologies come out?

Solar is different. No matter how ‘outdated’ technology becomes we are still able to provide a continued source of clean energy.

Why must we sign a long-term contract?

Our contract allows us to offer competitive pricing with savings from day one. It provides you with price protection and predictable energy rates for years ahead, with no hidden fees.

How do we ensure that the meter readings are accurate?

We make use of a billing class meter (regulatory standards approved). We also provide our customers with access to our online monitoring portal where they can view the energy usage and savings generated from the solar system.

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