Investments in PV require a wide range of activities that define the scope, plant specifications, quality, project duration, and total cost. These include the following:

- Field study

- Economical study

- License/permit procedures

- Financial assistance (optional)

- Engineering and project development

- Procurement and construction

- Commissioning

- Operation and Maintenance

The first step in EPC is to verify the existing conditions for establishing a PV system in a specific terrain or rooftop, thereby providing a realistic idea of the best-fitting technology for that particular area. Asunim looks for the most suitable solutions while taking many factors into consideration: Among others, module and inverter technology, mounting system, cabling and shading options, geological surveying and the inclination of the area. Based on these considerations, a detailed project proposal is developed.

Depending on current cost of electricity, local solar irradiation, and existing financial support PV may already be an economically viable project in your location. Asunim produces a tailor-made economic simulation adjusted to these factors and prepares different studies for various investment models and desired return on investment.

Asunim is able to obtain the required licenses and certificates from the authorities to turn the system into a reality. Qualified legal advisors specialized in this field are available to assist investors or clients who wish to buy a turnkey solution.

Where possible, Asunim can provide access to temporary finance solutions for system implementation, such as credit lines, different payment terms, and other project financing channels.

Project engineering and development activities cover the production of all project documentation necessary to allow the construction of the solar PV plant. With rigorous detail, Asunim prepares a design of the plant that is a suitable guideline for the construction plans and schedule.

Procurement and construction are carried out according to the stipulated parameters for the PV plant and within the existing timeline and cost limits of the project. Long-term partnerships ensure a reliable supply of certified components, ability to fulfill the deadlines, and the option of product quality control via official laboratories. Asunim undertakes excavation and flattening construction work according to the project design prior to installation of the selected mounting systems using proper technique and measurements. The project’s electricity infrastructure construction work is done in full conformity with national and international standards.

Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems, ensuring that they are structurally and electrically safe, robust, and performing. Asunim guarantees that all time, money, and efforts are not wasted on an underperforming system and verifies key points of the PV plant with the latest technology measurement/monitoring devices and software.

Asunim offers cost-effective operation and maintenance services to keep each system at optimal performance. Preventive maintenance includes calibration, software and system upgrades, thermal scans, inspections, module array and DC electrical inverter maintenance. Unscheduled interventions are performed on site for quick resolution and uninterrupted system performance.

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