Asunim Turkey has just finished the installation of Turkey’s largest roof-mounted solar PV system, with a surface area of 12000m2 and an installed capacity of 500kWp. This system is installed on the roof of Kıvanç Tekstil A.Ş., a company located in the Seyhan district of Adana that plays an important role in textile industry, producing Made in Turkey fabrics for the European market.


As an EPC contractor, Asunim Turkey started its activities in 2012 within the structure of the well-established Asunim Group, which has experience of over 150MW worldwide. Umut Gürbüz , General Manager of Asunim Turkey, is grateful to Kıvanç Tekstil A.Ş for choosing Asunim from among dozens of other solar companies. “Asunim Group provides their clients with a safe bet for their future energy requirements by offering quality and efficiency-oriented EPC service through 12 years of experience and know-how in the PV industry,” stated Umut Gürbüz in a recent conversation.

“We worked on three different types of rooftops for the Adana project: a flat roof, an east-west inclined roof, and a south inclined roof, all of which posess unique challenges for the installation process.” Mr. Gürbüz then directed attention to small details in the system design that affect the economic return of any PV project and that may be overlooked by less experienced contractors.

“By using state-of-the-art measuring programs, Asunim evaluates dozens of different combinations and selects the best system combination with locally-optimized energy production and high-quality components. All technical aspects of measuring, installing, and commissioning are realized under the guidance of expert engineers and technicians from Europe. They are happy to bring European standards to Turkey,” said Mr. Gürbüz.

“High electricity prices and Turkey’s renewable energy potential have led to high PV demand all over the country. Asunim is having difficulty meeting the soaring energy demand of this growing market, and has plans to start installing five PV plants in various locations around Turkey in the upcoming months,” he added.

“We are happy with the service we provided to Kıvanç Tekstil. A.Ş., a company with vision that is known for bringing innovation to the textile industry, and would like to thank them for counting on Asunim and Asunim’s international team. The Adana project sets an example for the rest of Turkey on reducing energy dependence and contributes to the competitiveness of Turkey’s export sector,” Mr. Gürbüz stated.

According to Mehmet Kıvanç, vice chairman of Kıvanç Tekstil A.Ş., the major factors contributing to his company’s decision to invest in solar energy were the need to gain independence over the coming decades from rising electricity prices as well as the desire to meet the factory’s energy needs through locally-produced clean energy. “After reviewing the entire installation project upon its completion, we are glad to have worked with Asunim,” he stated. “The Asunim engineering team realized the installation and testing process with state-of-the-art measuring programs, and they presented extremely professional service,” Mr. Kıvanç indicated.

“A breakthrough in the textile industry as well as in the energy sector is happening for Kıvanç Tekstil A.Ş. and others right now. We have diversified our sources of energy production, first by using hydro and natural gas in the past and now by investing in PV electricity production. We are proud to operate Turkey’s largest roof-mounted system, and we want to continue in this direction by investing more in renewable energies, especially in solar PV projects,” he stated.

The complete system was configured with 3.840 units solar panels and 40 units Fronius inverters on the roof of a 12.000m² textile factory. With 30 years of lifetime or more, the system is expected to prevent 653.000Kg of carbon emissions per year. Apart from the environmental benefits and based on conservative estimates, Kıvanç Tekstil A.Ş.stands to save approximately €2.1 millions in electricity consumption over the next 30 years with this system alone.

ABOUT ASUNIM GROUP: The Asunim Group is formed by several renewable energy companies in different countries and markets. Asunim specializes in the field of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy. Initiated formally in 2005, today Asunim companies develop the following activities: Engineering and Procurement (EPC); Project development and Consultancy; Wholesale of solar modules, inverters and other system components worldwide.

Asunim designs tailor-made solutions for on- and off-grid solar power systems of all sizes and provides its clients with a safe bet for their future energy requirements. Asunim covers the supply chain with high-quality components cautiously selected using knowledge gained from many years of experience, and helps customers with professional logistics services, specialized training sessions, and technical support provided by our multilingual team. Our associated equipment manufacturers, who have worked with us since day one, have a current total volume of 150MWp supplied or installed via Asunim and are the best in their field regarding quality workmanship, superior design, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, after-sales support, and continuous product innovation.

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