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The use of self-generated solar energy not only makes you less dependent on commercial energy suppliers, but also saves you money.


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Savings Potencial


By using solar energy that you have generated yourself, you can reduce the amount of electricity that you need to "buy" from the public grid.


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Security for the future


 As a well-established company with a successful history stretching back over more than 12 years, Asunim is a truly reliable business partner.


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Incresead Savings effect


Intelligent storage solutions designed for time-delayed power consumption are becoming more and more important for enegy efficience.


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Our services

Engineering and Project Development

In any fast-growing new sector like solar energy, there is a lack of human resources possessing the relevant skills and capabilities. The actual engineering experience in both new and established companies is often very limited. Yet this capacity is at the core of the excellence of any PV project. The quality of the end product in the system design process depends on the know-how of the contracted engineers.

Therefore, customers and partners worldwide who install systems themselves count on Asunim’s reliable engineering support helping them fine-tuning their planned systems. Asunim maintains an advanced engineering department in this sector. With more than 15 years of experience in the PV field, this department currently contributes to multiple international projects diverse in nature, size, and complexity.


Investments in PV require a wide range of activities that define the scope, plant specifications, quality, project duration, and total cost. These include the following:

- Field study

- Economical study

- License/permit procedures

- Financial assistance (optional)

- Engineering and project development

- Procurement and construction

- Commissioning

- Operation and Maintenance


Asunim offers tailor made training programs in different areas of photovoltaic, such as dimensioning, project elaboration and project supervision. After establishing your specific training needs and the objectives that your organization wants to achieve Asunim will establish a personalized training program and will find the best trainers in that field.


Asunim provides a complete package of integrated services for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). Thanks to our own and our collaborators’ experience, countless international references exist, with continuous optimum production results for our customers. Depending on the required location, Asunim provides its services in house, with multilingual associates available to ensure the best results for your PV investments.

Through continuous communication and partnership development with associated manufacturers, the quoted technology is always state of the art. In any given project, Asunim’s choice is independent of individual manufacturers and their short-term interests. This means Asunim is 100% focused on improving project-specific energy production and cost effectiveness, as well as protecting investment via the selection of durable and reliable components.


Get cleaner energy for your fast-food outlet, fuel station or business without paying for solar panels and other components upfront.

Asunim Solar South Africa as an EPC company has chosen SolarAfrica as a trusted finance partner.

SolarAfrica owns and maintains the system while your monthly payment is based on an agreed kWh price (lower that your current electricity tariff) charged based on the amount of energy produced by the PV System we install.

With less use of traditional energy, you end up saving with zero CAPEX required.


Asunim South Africa

Asunim Solar South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is established as a local Asunim Group franchise focusing on distribution and wholesale of top quality photovoltaic (PV) components at competitive prices, making 15 years of engineering solutions, know-how and EPC expertise in PV available to SA’s renewable energy developers and investors.

Asunim Group

The Asunim Group is formed by several renewable energy companies in different countries and markets. Asunim specializes in the field of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy. Asunim’s founder has been active in solar energy for more than 15 years.

Initiated formally in 2005, today Asunim companies develop the following activities:
- Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC);
- Project development and Consultancy;
- Tailor made photovoltaic self-consumption solutions with grid injection or zero injection; 100% self-consumption and self-consumption with battery storage;
- Wholesale of solar modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, solar pumping systems and all other required PV system components worldwide.

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Vision and Mission



Excellence in cost-effective solar energy, anywhere and for everyone.


Asunim aims for progressive energy independence for all individuals on this planet, and believes that decentralized photovoltaic (PV) power generation near the location of consumption plays an important role in this revolution. The aim is improving living conditions and protecting our planet through the intelligent use of solar energy.

Asunim’s slogan describes this energy revolution by one simple phrase:


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